Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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  1. What do you see in their faces?After the miracle of birth, the day after an awesome effort by super Mom Amy Diane Shipp Brooksby, you see Amy so pleased with her daughter Isabelle the belle. SuperMom had been teaching Isabelle for six or seven months about the new baby coming from heaven to Earth. So she is not surprised that Isabelle appreciates his arrival. Yet, she is overjoyed with the joy Isabelle is feeling and showing.
    In the two ajoining pictures you see first amazement by Isabelle, "Wow!" and then reaching out in love, "I want to embrace you." One reason Isabelle is so expressive with her hands is that supermom Amy is teaching Isabelle America-sign-language with video and personalized instruction in their daily lives.

  2. I was sorry to note that you have absented yourself from enWikipedia as an editor. My pfeeling is that WP benefits most from a broad spectrum of viewpoints and backgrounds. I would have left this comment on your talkpage, but I wanted you to see it. @CEShipp. Good fortune and good health to you and yours.

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