Monday, December 22, 2008


Welcome to our Blotspot!
Charlie & Lynnette Shipp

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  1. Pam (in England), Thanks for the IM conversation.
    What I really wanted to discuss was/is the following:

    There are several blogspots we have started, and with your
    interest in Charles Edwin Shipp and now our Shipp clan, we
    have started

    We have an annual family reunion for descendants of our
    Dad and Mom, Edwin Carl Shipp and Leila Petty Shipp,
    and if you are in Salt Lake City Utah on July 17-18 2009
    you should plan to join us -- we can easily fit you in.

    ANYWAY, I plan to use the website (blogspot) to reach
    out across the globe and invite all SHIPP people to join
    the online conversation.

    I don't really worry about too much volume, but rather
    hope that I am not just talking to myself (I have two
    IDs with gMail, at least.) More on that later.

    Take a look at our personal blogspot (for C/L Shipp fam)